Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Projects

This year I wanted to sewing stockings for my boyfriend and I to decorate with. I found a large white cable knit sweater at a thrift store and cut two stockings from it. I used quilt batting as interfacing and some solid fabric for the lining fabric. I added a little outdoor inspired flair to the cuffs. I also wanted to add our initials to these just like the last stocking I had made for my friend. This time, to stick with the outdoor theme of the stocking, I bought two wooden disks from Michael's and used my wood burner to burn the letters into the wood. I love the way they turned out!

I also needed to solve the problem of how to hang the stockings on the mantel without putting any holes in the wood. I looked around for other stocking holders but they were either too expensive, or not exactly what I was looking for. I decided to figure out how to make something myself. While I was in the thrift store one day I spotted these rectangular glass vases and my stocking hanger idea was born. 

I snatched up two vases ($1.99 each) and then ran to Lowe's to buy two knobs that I then super glued on the vases to hang the stocking from. The glass is heavy enough to hold the stocking and I made sure the glue I used would adhere to glass. I filled them up with some pine needled sprigs, pine cones and fluffy fake snow - it looked great with everything else on the mantel. You could also throw in ornaments or make a little winter house scene. 

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