Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1st Christmas Stocking

I was visiting a close friend this fall and she mentioned that her daughter, who turned 1 year old this November, did not have a Christmas stocking yet. I asked if I could sew her a stocking as a birthday gift and she accepted with delight. After checking pinterest for some ideas, I took parts of the stockings I liked and combined them into one super stocking! I like how it turned out and, more importantly, so did the recipient.

Here were some of the inspiration photos I found.

On this one I liked the idea of having her first initial on the stocking somewhere instead of her full name. I ended up doing a custom embroidered piece for her's.

I liked the idea of the two coordinating fabrics on this one.

It was all about the top cuff for me on this pick. I had to add that cuff on the stocking I created.

So, after scheming and planning, here is what it came out to look like!

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