Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Time has Come

I have been out of the sewing game for a while, well at least I haven't been posting some of my latest projects on here like I should be!

Recently I had a burst of inspiration to make a queen-sized quilt. My amazingly talented Grandma passed away a couple weeks ago and while looking through some of her old pictures I was overwhelmed with how quilting played such a big part in her life. It brought her such joy to create these beautiful, comforting quilts and it also helped her make very strong bonds with friends who would quilt with her. I am fortunate enough to have some of her handy work, given to me by her when she was still here.

Here she is with a quilt she made with several friends, they each made a square and embroidered their name on it. 

This is the group of ladies she usually quilted with. They would work at the church I grew up attending and once some of the quilts were finished they would send them out to world relief programs for those in need.

She was such a goof ball, always having a good time, I must have gotten some of my sense of humor from her! She really was the greatest Grandma I could have ever asked for.

After she passed, my aunt revealed to me that she had been collecting quilts for her grand (that's me) and great grand daughter's future weddings. The one that my Grandma planned on giving me was one that her and a close friend had worked on into the wee hours of the night. Apparently, my Grandpa would wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes 2:00 a.m., just to find that my Grandma was still not home. He would get in his truck and go out to see if she was ok, only to find her at her friend's house still quilting the night away. Who knows what those two ladies talked about while working over the quilt I was given, but it is one of the most special and beautiful quilts I have ever owned and I am so thankful for it.

So, all of this has jump-started my fire to make a queen-sized quilt. I am a beginner and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew, so I think I'm going to start with the very popular, but easy, herringbone pattern. I made the layout in Illustrator on my computer today. My plan is to give it as a wedding gift this summer. Hopefully I can stay motivated enough to finish it! I find it's easier to make something for someone else than it is to make it for myself. It is also nice to have a deadline to meet!

Right now I'm just feeling a two color, simple quilt, but I'm also going back and fourth with the idea of a gradation in the fabric. I would consider doing light to dark in the gray - moving from left to right vertically.

This is the layout I'm going with,  I'm also adding a 4" border to each of the sides. The couple I'm making this for said they really like neutral colors - grays and browns.

I'll try and post some of the progress, I'd like to find a friend to quilt with - one of my coworkers said she plans on making a quilt soon, so maybe I could hang out with her! 
I will definitely post the finished product! 

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