Monday, May 9, 2011

Tulip Festival

Over this past weekend I attended the Tulip Festival in Pella, IA. Here are some photos I snapped of the beautiful tulips in full bloom!

Paula's Pouch

Another birthday present, but this time I was commissioned to make it! My cousin needed a special gift for her Mom's birthday and, after I showed her this design from Pink Penguin's blog, she knew it was exactly what she wanted for her Mom.

I lined it with lace-printed clear vinyl that I found in the remnant pile at the fabric store! Everything else was made with free samples found in the back of an interior design store.

Leah's Birthday Surprise

Here is a tote I made for a sweet little girl named Leah. She is my boyfriend's niece and full of life. When designing this, I kept in mind her liveliness and joy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Design Work

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to be designing some things for my boyfriend's sister's wedding. I got an email from them that said my stuff was featured in their wedding photos on their photographer's blog. Here is the link. The photos below are the things that I designed/made for the wedding!

They had their guests sign around the matted edge of this designed story as their guest book.

I designed the name cards/table cards with royalty free vintage flower illustrations and made them look like vintage seed packets. The wedding theme was "enchanted garden".

I made a few burlap banners for the wedding. Some of them were hanging in the reception hall and this one I made for the "get-a-way" car. I also made the paper flower garland.

I created a logo for the couple and they loved it so much they had it made into a large rubber stamp. They decorated luminaria bags to line the driveway to the ceremony.

This was a little free-hand work I did the day before the wedding. They needed signs for guest navigation so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work on this vintage looking hand.

The happy couple after the ceremony. One of my favorite pictures of the day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time to Sell

I recently saw an "artists wanted" ad. It was for a flower boutique shop that wanted some local, handmade items and I decided that there's no time like now to try and sell some of my stuff. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point. I worked out a few patterns for some totes that I thought would be functional and beautiful. And here are a couple I came up with.

The Everyday Tote

The Betty Tote

The fabric used for these three totes I found at thrift stores around the twin cities. I added little things to jazz up the totes like ruffles on the outside pockets and a little pleat on the Betty tote.

The Abby Tote

This one was constructed mostly out of new material. The dark gray is recycled material. I bought the pattern here and I love the fact that it is reversible. I also made a matching clutch.

Next up I made a few clutches. I also decided I better have some tags for my little goodies and whipped up some of those on my computer using printable iron-on fabric.

The Sassy Clutch

The Betty Clutch

The Joy Clutch

All of these are line and have 4 card slots inside. Here's a pic of one of my new tags! So these items are on sale now at Laurel Street Flowers in St. Paul, MN.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dress a Girl Around the World

I recently found this charity on one of the blogs I follow called littlebiggirlstudio. After reading into the organization I couldn't help but want to get involved. The dresses are very easy and the impact is huge! To see more on how to make the dresses and the different details you can add please visit littlebiggirlstudio or the Dress a Girl Around the World website.

Here are the dresses I made for the charity and I'm excited to make some more!

Happy Birdday!

I made this tote for a friend of mine who moved to Phillie this past year. She is a bird lover and I hope she can get a lot of use out of this bag! I wanted it to have a zipper so she can keep things safe if she is traveling while using it. I used this pattern and found the bird fabric at Treadle (sorry I spelled it wrong last time I posted it) in St. Paul. It is Joel Dewberry.

I added a little bird detail to the top by cutting out one of the birds from the fabric design and appliqueing it to the corner.

Oh, Mr. Wilson...

One of my very good friends has finally gotten herself the most adorable puppy! In celebration of his homecoming I wanted to make him a bed to rest his little paws. Here is what I came up with for Wilson.

I chose charcoal gray for the main part of the bed and then did alternating blue and white stripes with a solid yellow for the sides. I made the bone applique and embroidered his name on it so none of the other dogs he plays with will mistake it for theirs.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Easter Dress, for the best!

So, I decided to make a dress for my cousin who has a birthday right around Easter. She is turning 4 years old this year and she is very busy. I used a pattern for this dress and also added a few personal touches. One of those personal choices was to make the bottom white band of the dress have pin tucks. I am using them more and more in my sewing and I think it brings a professional touch to projects.

I spotted this fabric about a year ago at Hancock Fabrics and kept wanting to buy it since the day we met, but had nothing to use it for. Well, when the dress idea popped into my head so did this fabric that I had been drooling over. It's soft and pretty with a touch of spring. I also whipped up a small purse that she can carry that matches her dress. She loved both of them very much.

I also wanted to try my hand at these flowers I had been seeing on many blogs and added to hair accessories. They are very easy to make and I made this one a removable pin so it could be taken off before washes.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twitterpated Baby Quilt

I made this baby blanket for my newest cousin Arisin (said like Harrison, without the "H"). I got the idea from the book "Doodle Stitching" by Aimee Ray, but I added clouds with the circles for a little more customization.

So fly messenger bag

I made this for my cousin for Christmas as well. I got the idea from this blog posting. She uses and loves it!

Christmas Aprons!

I decided to make some Christmas gifts this year with my new found sewing skills. I created these two apron sets for our family gift exchange. They include 2 oven mitts, an apron and two pot holders.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Purse

For my good friend's birthday this year I decided to make her a purse. I scoured the twin cities area for the perfect fabric and ended up finding it, on a sale day, at threadle on grand ave! I got enough so if I wanted to make something for myself in the future, I could. It's so beautiful and sturdy. I love that it looks hand-drawn.